Our driving school

     Have you decided to learn how to drive?
     Does the status of simple pedestrian not suit you? Do you want to change your status and to settle down in the car with the wheel in your hands?

     If the answer is «yes» YOU HAVE TO GO TO DRIVING SCHOOL!
«Albatros» driving school proposes you to learn how to drive the car professionally. During the ten years of work we have prepared thousands of high-qualified drivers of different categories.

    Our driving school has a lot of advantages:
— suitable arrangement (not far from the subway stations Osokorky and Livoberegnaia, st. Zdolbunovskaia),
— several branches (you can chose the closest to your house),
— our fleet proposes you the huge range of cars for getting the practical driving skills.

    We have done the huge work but the result was worth it! «Albatros» driving school  has created the comfortable conditions for all students with optimal expenditures.

But the most important thing is that all our students are satisfied!

When you start to visit our driving courses, you will be convinced! With no doubts this driving courses will give you the best result you have ever expected!