We are glad to inform you that the education fee in our driving school (it consists of theoretical and practical courses) includes next points:

   — The general duration of all lessons is 2 months
— We propose you several education categories:
• Category «В» — regular car (automobile)
• Category «С» ( if you have category «В») — truck

   Our driving school can even propose you stage-by-stage education fee. The only condition in this case will be: the general sum should be paid not later than the two weeks before the end of driving courses.

  The correlation “price — quality” in this case is not truthful because the professional level of our teachers and instructors is much higher than the proposed price. And we propose you the best quality and the best price.
In accordance with individual procedure our driving school can also propose some benefits for those who do not have financial possibilities to pay the full education fee.

   — The general education fee in our driving school is 3080 UAH. This price consists of two parts:

  • Theory course payment – 1100 UAH
  • Driving course payment on programm