Theory course


Theory course

To be the high-qualified driver you should also know some theoretical subjects.

Theory course consists of several major subjects:
• Car setup
• Traffic rules and regulations
• Basics of car driving
• First medical aid
• Basics of motor transport law
• Basics of road safety
• Computer training

To facilitate progress in training, our driving schools use specially equipped classrooms.
Our qualified instructors have vast training experience. That is why our driving courses can guarantee the best result. Our instructors never stop enhancing their training skills and relevant qualifications. They can give complete and fresh information about today driving situation. And of course they will answer to all of your questions.

All necessary literature and materials students can get in the library of our driving school.
After the in-school test you will pass your exams in the State Motor Vehicle Inspectorate (SAI). We use computer work stations with the driving test tasks to prepare students for the test administered by the State Motor Vehicle Inspectorate. Also, we provide self-training CDs to those who want to study for the test using their home computers.

The in-school test was successfully completed. After that your documents are passed to the Department of Testing and Registration (DTR), which grants permission to take the major test on the theoretical subjects and driving. With your successful examination results you will be the happy owner of driving license.