Driving. Practical course


Driving. Practical course

    Your successful learning how to drive depends on experienced high qualified trainer and good quality training vehicle.

    That is why our driving school gives you ability to take knowledge from the best instructors and to use the best vehicles. The work experience of our instructors is 10 to 26 years! They are capable in turning any student into real driver regardless of its abilities.

   One of the main advantages of our school is flexible approach to selection of necessary number of driving lessons. The basic course is adjusted on the individual basis. You can also adjust the time of your lessons.

  Apparently if a person shows some driving skills, it may not require a complete number of lessons. In this case the student can take just part of lessons. Accordingly it will have to pay less.

  Control checks and inschool-tests are incorporated to evaluate the quality of knowledge obtained.

  On the other hand, the number of lessons can be increased as compared to basic level, if needed.
Internal driving test includes a set of standard exercises. Only those who have successfully passed it are further allowed to pass the DTR test. The other should continue their training.